Lila is a Southern Artist who recieved her BFA from Winthrop University, and MFA from the University of Tennessee, in Knoxville, 19’. She is currently a Lecturer in Applied Design at Appalachian State University in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

“You pile up associations the way you pile up bricks. Memory itself is a form of architecture.”
     - Louise Bourgeois

I incorporate traditional printmaking techniques with painting and drawing, across paper, fiber and clay surfaces. I am fascinated by how objects can carry memory, and the residual energy of powerful moments that are defined by histories, trauma, healing and possible futures in personal or societal ways. My creative process mirrors the rhythms and disruptions of life – sometimes loose and chaotic, sometimes responsive and intensely focused. I am questioning how our imaginations are rooted in and reacting to our ever-evolving sense of place through the objects we choose to carry with us. Ultimately, I am both asking and confronting what it means to be “from here” now.

My work honors a sincere approach to growth where vulnerabilities are laid bare. Echoes of this are present in the imagery, material and locations represented. By harvesting symbolism from my own experiences; such as furniture, boats, numeric listing, rocks, twigs, quilts, and various references of home, I seek to find community with the viewer. Underlying these recognizable forms, is the power of both time and memory. Familiar benchmarks become distant and fragmented, resulting in less tangible expressions. I am focusing on the shift of how the value we place on objects from our past go through stages of metamorphosis, evolving as we need them to; mirroring the rhythms of one’s private and public change.

Instagram: Cave.woman